Total Drama is a Canadian animated comedy television series which is a homage and parody to common conventions from reality television. The show, and its sequel seasons, are collectively referred to as the Total Drama series. It premiered on the Canadian/American cable television specialty channel Cartoon Network on November 5, 1992 and Teletoon on the July 26, 2008. All of the contestants have distinct personalities that serve as a main plot point with the characters consisting of the eponymous fictional reality series and the contestants therein. The style of this series is similar to that of Survivor, Fear Factor, and The Amazing Race.

Format Edit

The name of each season consists of the title Total Drama with a different word or phrase later added. That changing word or phrase defines the theme for that season. This series is a competition to win a cash prize of $100,000 in the first season and C$1,000,000 in every other season. This series takes elements of other widely known series such as Survivor, Fear Factor, and The Amazing Race. Like these other series, Total Drama is rated because it features mild profanity, censored language, brief censored nudity, and some suggestive dialogue. When more suggestive dialogue is present, the episode is rated TV-PG-D. The first three seasons are rated TV-PG-D while the latter two are rated TV-PG. Unlike many other animated shows, this series has a different logo for every season (while each season might have multiple alternate logos), so there is no official logo for this series.

Episodes Edit

Total Drama Island Edit

  1. Not So Happy Campers - Part 1
  2. Not So Happy Campers - Part 2
  3. The Big Sleep
  4. Dodgebrawl
  5. Not Quite Famous
  6. TDI Aftermath: Begins
  7. The Sucky Outdoors
  8. Phobia Factor
  9. Up The Creek
  10. TDI Aftermath: Arrestated Crazys
  11. Paintball Deer Hunter
  12. If You Can't Take the Heat...
  13. Who Can You Trust?
  14. TDI Aftermath: Really problems these two
  15. Basic Straining
  16. X-Treme Torture
  17. Brunch of Disgustingness
  18. No Pain, No Game
  19. Search and Do Not Destroy
  20. TDI Aftermath: Heather is bad girl
  21. Hide and Be Sneaky
  22. That's Off the Chain!
  23. Hook, Line & Screamer
  24. TDI Aftermath: Controlled Families
  25. Wawanakwa Gone Wild
  26. Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon
  27. TDI Aftermath: Total Drama History
  28. Haute Camp-Ture
  29. Camp Castaways
  30. Are We There, Yeti?
  31. I Triple Dog Dare You
  32. TDI Aftermath: Throwed Challange
  33. TDI Rundown
  34. Messages from Producer
  35. The Very Last Episode, Really?
  36. Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island

Characters Edit

Host Edit

  • Chris McLean
  • Chef Hatchet

Contestants Edit

Total Drama Island Edit

  • Beth
  • Bridgette
  • Cody
  • Courtney
  • DJ
  • Duncan
  • Eva
  • Ezekiel
  • Fionna
  • Geoff
  • Gwen
  • Harold
  • Heather
  • Izzy
  • Justin
  • Katie & Sadie
  • Leshawna
  • Lindsay
  • Noah
  • Owen
  • Rebecca
  • Trent
  • Tyler
  • Vin

Teams Edit

Total Drama Island Edit

Screaming Gophers Edit

  1. Beth
  2. Cody
  3. Gwen
  4. Heather
  5. Izzy
  6. Justin
  7. Leshawna
  8. Lindsay
  9. Noah
  10. Owen
  11. Rebecca
  12. Trent

Killer Bass Edit

  1. Bridgette
  2. Courtney
  3. DJ
  4. Duncan
  5. Ezekiel
  6. Eva
  7. Fionna
  8. Geoff
  9. Harold
  10. Katie & Sadie
  11. Tyler
  12. Vin

Elimination Table Edit

Total Drama Island Edit

  • Ezekiel (23nd)
  • Eva (Returns)
  • Noah (22st)
  • Katie & Sadie (21th)
  • Tyler (20th)
  • Izzy (Returns)
  • Cody (19th)
  • Beth (18th)
  • Rebecca (17th)
  • Courtney (16th)
  • Harold (15th)
  • Vin and Fionna (14th)
  • Eva (13th)
  • Trent (12th)
  • Bridgette (11th)
  • Lindsay (10th)
  • DJ (9th)
  • Izzy (8th)
  • Geoff (7th)
  • Leshawna (6th)
  • Duncan (5th)
  • Heather (4th)
  • Justin (3rd)
  • Gwen (2nd)
  • Owen (1st)

Winners Edit

Total Drama Island Edit

  1. Owen
  2. Gwen
  3. Justin