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Kids Next Door Mission
           Writing Operative: Mr. Warburton
            Production Operative: Mo Willems


  • Numbuh 3: Say, do you think those animals can talk?
    Numbuh 4: Certainly, Numbuh 3.
    Numbuh 2: We're back! And we're staying young!
    (Sector V cheers.)
    Numbuh 1: Uh, Kids Next Door?
    Numbuh 2, Numbuh 3, Numbuh 4, and Numbuh 5: Yes, Numbuh 1.
    Numbuh 1: I don't think we're in the 2000s anymore.
    Numbuh 5: You're right, Numbuh 1. This is the jungle.
    Numbuh 3: Jungle? What jungle?
    Numbuh 4: All of the animals live in the jungle, especially toucans, monkeys, and even chameleons.
    (The song starts to a tune of "Do Your Ears Hang Low" and "Turkey in the Straw".)
    Numbuh 4: (singing) Not all birds can fly, they can run it all the time.
    Numbuh 3: (singing) You would think those words we can do a rhyme.
    Numbuh 2: (singing) We're not supposed to do, they will teach him all day.
    Numbuh 5: (singing) Then it must be apart and tried to get away.
    Numbuh 3: (singing) You put Numbuh 4 would be sit in a chair.
    Numbuh 4: (singing) She would say to you cause he doesn't care.
    Numbuh 5: (singing) As the time flies by to the city of light.
    Numbuh 1: (singing) No one cares as us for that such a sight.
    Sector V: (singing) It's the Jungle Boogie! It's the Jungle Boogie! Fly up in the sky and run on the ground. It's the Jungle Boogie!
    Numbuh 5: (singing) We like to sing about for the special trip.
    Numbuh 2: (singing) And we won't make it for an upset hip.
    Numbuh 3: (singing) Baby, we can't watch for a cartoon show.
    Numbuh 1: (singing) Then it must be ready and time to go.
    (The song ends.)
    Numbuh 3: Oh, can we go the jungle? Please, please?
    (The "KND" logo zooms here.)
    Numbuh 4: It's a jungle out there!
    Numbuh 3: Maybe we can spot a coconut.
    Numbuh 5: I like the sound of this.
    Melvin: Haven't you find a coconut?
    Numbuh 4: Who's there?
    Melvin: Over here.
    (Numbuh 4 sees Melvin.)
    Numbuh 4: Whoever it is, what's your name?
    Melvin: Name's Melvin. I'm a proboscis monkey. And you're sending Numbuh 3 to the ball pit of Borneo.
    Numbuh 4: No, no, no, no. Ain't no way that's ever gonna happen.
    Melvin: Numbuh 3 will go to Borneo and that's the law!
    Numbuh 4: I do not want to be your friends. Do you hear me?
    Melvin: Yeah, what's so bad about this?
    (Melvin honks.)
    Numbuh 4: Will you stop it already?
    Melvin: Alright, as you wish, I'll be better luck next time for now.
    Numbuh 4: I feel better already.
    Numbuh 2: So, Numbuh 4. Are you okay?
    Numbuh 4: Yes, I'm fine. How are you?
    Tapir: Wait! Don't you remember those couples in an odd way?
    Numbuh 3: Why, of course.
    Orangutan: That hamster needs to drink soda already.
    Shoebill: Are soft drinks really soft?
    Orangutan: Soft drinks aren't soft at all.
    Numbuh 5: Finally, this is the story called The Jungle Book.
    Tapir: Cool. The Jungle Book.
    Numbuh 4: I am going to look at it.
    Numbuh 5: Numbuh 4, where are you going.
    Numbuh 4: I'm just getting a...
    (Jaguar growls and Numbuh 4 screams and ran away.)
    Aye-Aye: What's going on down there?
    Numbuh 4: Help! Get away from me!
    (Jaguar snarls.)
    Jaguar: Well, well, well. A full course meal. This must be my lucky day.
    Orangutan: I'll get it.
    (Orangutan punches Jaguar on the back.)
    Mudskipper: Orangutan?
    Orangutan: Good day, Mudskipper.
    (Jaguar leaves.)
    Shoebill: What a big shot.
    Tapir: Maybe we play a basketball.
    Aye-Aye: How do you like that, Shoebill?
    Shoebill: Nothing at all.
    Numbuh 1: Look at us, big fella. Wait, did you try to get me? Show me your teeth.
    (Numbuh 1 growls. Orangutan growls like Numbuh 1.)
    Numbuh 1: It was you! I knew it. How are you? So good to see you, right?
    Mudskipper: I thought they are fishy friends. Aye-Aye, where's that grub?
    Aye-Aye: I don't see it. Tapir, how's that for a nose?
    Tapir: My nose is moving.
    Numbuh 1: It's no big deal.
    Tapir: No, no, a very big deal.
    Numbuh 3: Deal?
    Numbuh 2: I said it had a deal.
    Shoebill: I don't mean to be rude. Unfortunately, this is not a big deal.
    Mudskipper: You said it.
    (Sector V, Orangutan, Mudskipper, Aye-Aye, Tapir, and Shoebill walks.)
    Jaguar: Uh, boss? Did you teach him a lesson?
    (The "KND" logo zooms here. Sector V (except Numbuh 3), Orangutan, Mudskipper, Aye-Aye, Tapir, and Shoebill walks. Numbuh 3 looks at the cave.)
    Numbuh 3: Numbuh 1? Numbuh 5? Where is everyone?
    (The bats scare Numbuh 3 when she screams and ran away. Suddenly, the mother harpy eagle swoops down and grabs Numbuh 3. Fade to Sector V (except Numbuh 3), Orangutan, Mudskipper, Aye-Aye, Tapir, and Shoebill stops walking.)
    Mudskipper: Hey, somebody tells me those fish go out of the water.
    Tapir: See? I told you that girl was captured by a bird.
    Shoebill: Maybe not.
    Numbuh 1: Numbuh 3? Numbuh 3? Where'd she go?
    Numbuh 5: You didn't have a morning snack when he's too early.
    Aye-Aye: She's right. I have long fingers, by the way.
    Numbuh 1: Aye-Aye, quit it. She's got to be here some place.
    (Meanwhile, the mother harpy eagle flying to the nest and holds Numbuh 3 in its beak.)
    Numbuh 3: Thanks for the ride. I have to go...
    (The three harpy eagle chicks appear when Numbuh 3 screams.)
    Numbuh 3: Cute babies.
    (The harpy eagle chick snaps.)
    Numbuh 3: I see they have sharp beaks.
    (Numbuh 3 gasps when the another harpy eagle chick bites her foot. The mother harpy eagle screeches. Numbuh 3 screams and falls down.)
    Numbuh 1: Did you hear something?
    (Numbuh 2 catches Numbuh 3.)
    Numbuh 3: Oh, where am I?
    Numbuh 4: Nice catch.
    Numbuh 2: Thanks.
    Numbuh 5: Sorry, it doesn't seem for a little while.
    Mudskipper: It's okay.
    Tapir: What happened?
    Shoebill: One of the harpy eagle chicks must bite his mother.
    Orangutan: Besides, he enjoys a durian.
    Shoebill: Durian? What's a durian?
    Orangutan: I don't know. It's a kind of fruit.
    Aye-Aye: Numbuh 3, you okay?
    Numbuh 3: Yeah, I'm okay.
    Numbuh 4: Somebody looked like a big white one.
    Numbuh 3: There's somebody at the...
    Numbuh 5: What?
    Numbuh 3: Polar bear.
    Numbuh 1: Where?
    Numbuh 3: They're on the tree.
    Numbuh 5: Numbuh 3, there are no polar bears in the jungle.
    Tamarin: They're long gone.
    Uakari: Vanished.
    Sloth: Definitely extinct.
    Orangutan: They only exist in stories.
    Tapir: I'm starving. Do you have a beef and bean burrito?
    Mudskipper: No, Tapir. I don't have any burritos.
    Tapir: Then how about a banana?
    Shoebill: Of course, bananas are long.
    Aye-Aye: And yellow.
    Numbuh 4: Make sure you don't peel a banana, they might slip on it.
    Numbuh 3: And you think it is lunchtime at school.
    Tapir: Mudskipper, shouldn't Numbuh 3 get a new friend?
    (The "KND" logo zooms here.)
    Melvin: Jaguar.
    Jaguar: Yes, boss.
    Melvin: Show me your bucket, will you?
    Jaguar: It's the bucket full of ball pit.
    (The song starts.)
    Melvin: (singing) When we found it already, it's mine. Ball pit. He's too scary for a tiny spine. Ball pit. Feeding myself isn't lucky all day, rocks of every size and it's gray. Ball pit.
    Jaguar: Excuse me, boss.
    Dholes: (singing) He's got a bucket, bucket, bucket full of ball pit when he started of us. Don't even, even, even make it fuss.
    Jaguar: Boss.
    Melvin: (singing) These dholes won't be tricky. Ball pit. You should not being picky. Ball pit. Stuffing isn't full of stuff, now that is quite enough. Ball pit.
    Dholes: (singing) He's got a bucket, bucket, bucket full of ball pit while it doesn't move at all. Don't even, even, even think about to call.
    Melvin: (singing) So many children go in the ball pit, one of us you've heard.
    Jaguar: (singing) It started to look fun, and it does say a word.
    Melvin: Jaguar.
    Jaguar: What, boss?
    Melvin: There's somebody out there.
    Dholes: (singing) He's got a bucket, bucket, bucket full of ball pit and he doesn't have a clue. Don't even, even, even run away and you're not supposed to do.
    (The song ends. The "KND" logo zooms here.)
    Numbuh 3: You know, nothing can stop us while Numbuh 1 and Lizzie are married for no reason.
    Melvin: That's what he thinks. This is so tricky, my minion. That happy-go-lucky girl would make a one way trip to the ball pit of Borneo.
    Jaguar: Boss, do you have a leaf? Is it sweet and green and juicy?
    Melvin: A-ha!
    (Melvin sees a leaf.)
    Jaguar: Got a trick?
    Melvin: What a very juicy leaf.
    (Melvin eats a leaf.)
    Jaguar: Ick!
    (Melvin comes back to Jaguar.)
    Melvin: Jaguar, one of these days will be times just right would be sending Numbuh 3 to the ball pit of Borneo.
    (Melvin laughs evilly.)
    Aye-Aye: What was that? It must be Melvin.
    (Melvin sees a paper with a long ladder next to the bucket of ball pit and a rake on it.)
    Melvin: Come on, Jaguar. Let's go.
    Numbuh 3: Oh, Melvin! Good luck!
    (The "KND" logo zooms here.)
    Okapi: Hey, Iguana.
    Iguana: Yeah?
    Okapi: Don't you mean villains are not here?
    Iguana: Certainly, but not counting Melvin and Jaguar.
    Numbuh 5: He will never graduated after this.
    Numbuh 1: So I could not give us up.
    Numbuh 3: I hope you still needs us.
    Mandrill: Still needs you? That's the silliest thing I've ever heard.
    (Sector V, Orangutan, Mudskipper, Aye-Aye, Tapir, and Shoebill sees Mandrill.)
    Numbuh 4: Why, if it isn't Ol' Colorful-Faced Monkey!
    Mandrill: Why, if it isn't Ol' Australian Boy!
    Numbuh 3: Hi, Mandrill.
    Numbuh 2: How are you doing?
    Mandrill: I've got a few more seasons left.
    Orangutan: I enjoy a leaf as an umbrella when it rained all day.
    Okapi: He knows it when the series came from 2002 to 2008.
    Tapir: So what?
    Iguana: Is there something powerful as a baboon?
    Mandrill: How could I be a baboon? I am a mandrill.
    Numbuh 5: Okapi, you're on.
    Okapi: If the shoe fits, wear it!
    Mudskipper: It smells great.
    Numbuh 5: Air? Numbuh 5 hates air.
    Numbuh 3: Like my name for the Japanese word.
    Tapir: That's Japanese for air, miss.
    Orangutan: Who are you talking?
    Aye-Aye: She must be it.
    Melvin: Hey, what do you think you're doing?
    Shoebill: Melvin?
    Mudskipper: Is he a villain?
    Okapi: The tomato! Throw it!
    Numbuh 3: Okay.
    (Numbuh 3 throws a tomato at Melvin's face.)
    Numbuh 4: Good shot, Numbuh 3.
    Numbuh 3: Thank you.
    Jaguar: Boss, boss, wake up. Is he dead?
    Melvin: No, Jaguar. I'm alive.
    Numbuh 3: That sounded like Melvin.
    Numbuh 4: Well, why doesn't he get his new friends to help him? I don't care.
    Numbuh 3: That's it! I've had it with you and your emotional constipation! Melvin needs us! You got it? Pipe down!
    Orangutan: Well, Shoebill. This ain't gonna be happy about this.
    Shoebill: Who cares? Maybe Melvin will send her.
    Mudskipper: Shoebill, you're so dumb.
    Shoebill: Don't even call me dumb!
    Tapir: Shoebill was right. Maybe Aye-Aye send it to the Jacuzzi.
    Orangutan: She looks guilty.
    Aye-Aye: Guilty? I thought Numbuh 3 is happy.
    Numbuh 4: She looks nothing to like you.
    Melvin: Let's get her!
    Numbuh 3: Not much. Anyone else is...
    (Melvin kidnaps Numbuh 3 when she screams.)
    Melvin: Who goes there?
    Numbuh 3: Um, I...
    Melvin: Who is it?
    (Melvin and Jaguar leaves.)
    Capybara: Numbuh 1 is really a robot.
    Yapok: You're right. Our toy with batteries, which is a robot.
    Capybara: He looks like a robot.
    Numbuh 1: Oh, it's my sunglasses. It keeps my eyes safe.
    Capybara: You're a robot-eyed kid.
    Numbuh 1: No!
    Tapir: Let's get him!
    Orangutan: You got it!
    Yapok: Numbuh 1 is a robot, too.
    Numbuh 1: No wait!
    (Sector V (except Numbuh 3) and the animals (except Melvin and Jaguar) scold Numbuh 1.)
    Numbuh 1: I'm not a robot! I'm British!
    (The "KND" logo zooms here.)
    Numbuh 3: Get your hands off me, you long-nosed monkey!
    Melvin: Let's do some buckets, Jaguar.
    Jaguar: Which bucket should we put her in, boss?
    Melvin: This green one right there.
    Numbuh 3: Get off me, you stupid monkey!
    (Numbuh 3 steps Melvin's tail when he screams.)
    Numbuh 1: Hey, Melvin! We've come to ship you back!
    Melvin: Seize them!
    Jaguar: Right away, boss.
    Mudskipper: Let's go, Numbuh 3.
    Numbuh 3: Wait for me!
    (Jaguar runs and steps on a rake to hit him. Sector V (except Numbuh 2, Numbuh 4, and Numbuh 5), Mudskipper, and Aye-Aye races.)
    Numbuh 3: Look, there it is!
    Numbuh 1: Split up!
    (Numbuh 1 and Aye-Aye runs left and Numbuh 3 and Mudskipper runs right next to the ravine. Jaguar stops running and nobody sees it and he saw Numbuh 3 and Mudskipper.)
    Jaguar: A-ha!
    (Jaguar running close by.)
    Numbuh 3: I love my best friend, Mudskipper.
    Mudskipper: And I love my best friend, Numbuh 3.
    (Suddenly, Jaguar cackles.)
    Mudskipper: Numbuh 3, look out!
    (Jaguar jumps when Mudskipper ducks and Numbuh 3 hugs a coconut tree and he hangs on the ravine.)
    Mudskipper: That will teach us for the police to arrest him, Numbuh 3.
    Numbuh 3: Not for long, Mudskipper. If he jumps off the tree, we're dead.
    Mudskipper: What?
    Jaguar: Mudskipper! I swear on my life, I'll kill you for this, but if it's the final thing I do!
    Mudskipper: No, Jaguar! Don't do it! You're falling down into a ravine!
    (Jaguar growls frustratingly.)
    Mudskipper: Come on, Jaguar! Take my fin! Come on, Jaguar! Take my fin before it's too late! Come on! Hurry!
    Jaguar: Save the one you love, Mudskipper.
    (Jaguar falls off a ravine.)
    Mudskipper: Jaguar, no!
    (Then he splashed into the water.)
    Mudskipper: Come down, Numbuh 3. I'll catch you!
    Numbuh 3: Are you ready?
    Mudskipper: Yes, I'm ready.
    Numbuh 3: Here I go.
    (Mudskipper catches Numbuh 3.)
    Mudskipper: Got you!
    (Numbuh 3 and Mudskipper walks.)
    Mudskipper: Let get back to Numbuh 1, okay?
    Numbuh 3: Got you, Mudskipper.
    Numbuh 1: You two okay?
    (Numbuh 3 and Mudskipper stops walking.)
    Mudskipper: Yes! It just missed it. Jaguar sacrificed himself for us.
    Numbuh 1: I see your point.
    Aye-Aye: Let's get out of here before something else happens.
    Numbuh 1: You're right, Aye-Aye.
    (Numbuh 1 and Aye-Aye runs.)
    Mudskipper: Come on, guys.
    (Mudskipper runs.)
    Numbuh 3: Wait for me!
    (Numbuh 3 runs. Suddenly, Melvin clutches Numbuh 3.)
    Mudskipper: Numbuh 3!
    Melvin: (pulls Numbuh 3) Get back in the bucket where you belong!
    Numbuh 3: Why are you doing this to me, Melvin?
    Melvin: Because I hate it for a stupid ball pit of mine! And now you're gonna stay in Borneo for my place!
    Numbuh 3: I don't think so.
    (Numbuh 3 kicks Melvin.)
    Numbuh 3: Run, Mudskipper!
    Mudskipper: I'm glad you kicked him.
    (Numbuh 3 and Mudskipper runs.)
    Numbuh 3: Me, too.
    (Melvin lies down before he wakes up and gets angry.)
    Melvin: Get back here! Numbuh 3, come back! I'm supposed to send her to Borneo!
    (Numbuh 1 and Aye-Aye stops running and climbs the kapok tree.)
    Numbuh 3: Wait up, guys! Wait up!
    (Mudskipper stops running and climbs the kapok tree. Numbuh 3 never climbs the kapok tree.)
    Mudskipper: Numbuh 3?
    Numbuh 3: Come on, guys! Wait for me!
    (Melvin runs in charge.)
    Numbuh 1: Come on, Numbuh 3! She's gaining on you!
    Melvin: You always call me an elephant monkey! But who's the elephant monkey now!
    (Melvin kicks Numbuh 3 higher in the kapok tree and sees Numbuh 1, Aye-Aye, and Mudskipper.)
    Numbuh 3: Hi, guys.
    (Melvin climbs the kapok tree.)
    Numbuh 1: Let's get out of here.
    (Sector V (except Numbuh 2, Numbuh 4, and Numbuh 5), Mudskipper, and Aye-Aye falls on the ground.)
    Numbuh 1: Quickly!
    (Melvin chases Sector V (except Numbuh 2, Numbuh 4, and Numbuh 5), Mudskipper, and Aye-Aye.)
    Melvin: Numbuh 3, I'm coming for you.
    Numbuh 3: Looks like it's time to take a stand.
    Mudskipper: You got this, Numbuh 3.
    (Melvin fights Numbuh 3.)
    Numbuh 1: Let's run!
    (Numbuh 1, Aye-Aye, Numbuh 3, Mudskipper, and Melvin falls down to the ground.)
    Numbuh 1: Come on! Run for it!
    (Numbuh 1, Aye-Aye, Numbuh 3, and Mudskipper runs and sees the ladder. Cut to Melvin runs.)
    Aye-Aye: The rake!
    Numbuh 3: Okay!
    (Numbuh 3 turns the rake around and Melvin steps on a rake to hit him.)
    Numbuh 3: I did it! I did it! I did it! Huh?
    Melvin: Guess again, Numbuh 3.
    (Numbuh 3 hides behind Numbuh 1.)
    Kommo: Hey, monk! Get a load of this!
    (Kommo punches Melvin.)
    Numbuh 3: Finally, now's our chance!
    (Numbuh 3 fights Melvin.)
    Aye-Aye: Go, Numbuh 3!
    Kommo: What a miss.
    Numbuh 3: I hate you! You're evil!
    Melvin: Of course, I'm evil, young lady! Everyone else made that clear to me just one time.
    (Melvin kicks Numbuh 3.)
    Melvin: Say goodbye to your girl, fellas. Numbuh 3 is going to Borneo!
    Aye-Aye: No more Borneo!
    Melvin: You're right. Perhaps, I would rather something the lot of us!
    (Melvin throws Aye-Aye to hit the ground.)
    Lizzie: Candle, please.
    Melvin: Who said that?
    (Kommo puts the candle on the ground.)
    Lizzie: Hi, guys.
    Numbuh 1: Lizzie.
    Aye-Aye: You're here.
    Numbuh 3: Yes!
    Melvin: It can't be.
    Lizzie: Looks like a stranger just got no invitation in this jungle.
    (Numbuh 3 kicks Melvin high in the air.)
    Melvin: Uh-oh!
    (Numbuh 1 kicks Melvin to Lizzie.)
    Numbuh 1: Okay, Lizzie. Do your stuff.
    Lizzie: Yes, sir!
    Melvin: You'll never get rid of me, Lizzie. Never.
    Lizzie: Sorry, Melvin. This is for your own good. Upsy-daisy!
    (Melvin screams and falls down to the bucket of ball pit.)
    Numbuh 1: We did it, guys! We won!
    Kommo: That ought to do it.
    (Lizzie climbs down the ladder.)
    Numbuh 1: Good job, Lizzie.
    Lizzie: Thanks.
    Numbuh 1: You're welcome. Come here.
    (Numbuh 1 hugs Lizzie.)
    Aye-Aye: L'amore, l'amore, l'amore.
    Numbuh 1: Let's go get the rest of the gang!
    Mudskipper: And Lizzie, too.
    Numbuh 3: We're coming.
    Kommo: Wait for me, guys.
    (The wind blew a candle. Melvin is at the bucket of ball pit. Gorilla and Chimpanzee runs and stops him.)
    Gorilla: Melvin, you're under arrest!
    (Gorilla and Chimpanzee arrests Melvin.)
    Gorilla: You know I've been looking all over for you.
    Melvin: But that one's ruined my chance to send someone in Borneo.
    Chimpanzee: Borneo? Do you have to expect this believe that story?
    Melvin: Jaguar, help us! Jaguar! Jaguar, where are you?
    (Gorilla and Chimpanzee drag Melvin to the river.)
    Melvin: At least nobody is out there.
    (Suddenly, the piranhas open their mouths.)
    Melvin: Huh?
    (Melvin gets eaten by piranhas when he screams. The "KND" logo zooms here.)
    Tapir: You know, Orangutan. I've been thinking. These hamsters give soda to him before he cheers.
    Orangutan: I'm afraid so, Tapir. But I am glad when I cheered.
    Kommo: Haven't you forgot my name yet?
    Lizzie: This is Kommo. He's a Komodo dragon.
    Numbuh 3: Wow. Komodo dragon. And his name is Kommo.
    Shoebill: She's right. That deserves a big cheer.
    Kommo: By the way, I believe this belongs to me.
    Numbuh 4: How does Lizzie get married, Numbuh 5?
    Numbuh 5: Numbuh 5 hates jungles.
    Numbuh 2: You will come to the jungle fountain. The big cat is coming.
    Numbuh 3: Jaguar, he's back!
    Numbuh 2: No, he's not.
    Numbuh 3: Tiger?
    Tiger: Yes. That's me. I am a tiger.
    Numbuh 5: Tiger? What's a tiger?
    Numbuh 1: It's probably the only big cat with stripes.
    Lizzie: Nigie, this is Tiger.
    Tiger: Like I said, I am a tiger. From now on, we're going to sing that song.
    (The song starts.)
    Numbuh 3: (singing) To have a gift is a wonderful thing. Your spirits will lift and your heart will sing. Though some might use it to live like a king. I finally know what it's for.
    Lizzie: (singing) At last your gift makes you feel like a king. When you see all the good and the help it can bring.
    Orangutan: (singing) And joy will bloom like the flowers in spring.
    Numbuh 4 and Tapir: (singing) When you finally know what it's for.
    Lizzie: (singing) Yes, that's what it's there for.
    Dholes: (singing) So let's say a prayer for.
    Others: (singing) The wonderful blessings in store. When you finally know what it's for.
    (Numbuh 4 opens his soda can.)
    Numbuh 4: Cheers.
    Numbuh 3: (singing) When you finally know what it's for.
    (The song ends.)